Oriam’s First Birthday

We were invited along to celebrate at Oriam’s First Birthday on Saturday 5th August.  Oriam, if you aren’t aware is Scotland’s national performance centre for sport, and is based at Heriot Watt University at their Riccarton campus.  Oriam is used by the Scottish Rugby Union and Scottish Football Association for their training facility and is open to the public, other sports teams and students for other sports.

We were invited along to give  people the opportunity to learn more about Ravelrig, what we do and how we do it and also because we are now Oriam’s charity of the year, which we are all super excited about.

The venue is huge and has amazing facilities and we were so pleased to be involved in their celebrations.  We will be getting together with Oriam later in the month to work out how we can work together and raise lots of money and awareness for Ravelrig.


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