It is with great sadness that we have to tell you that Toby has passed away, suddenly, but peacefully during the night.  He was in the field, surrounded by all his pony friends at Ravelrig RDA.

We understand you will find this very sad and we will share more information with you once we have spoken to the vet.

Rest in Peace Toby, you will be missed by everyone.


Further News on the sad death of Toby.

We have received the post mortem results for Toby and they revealed he died of acute peritinitus.

This has been described as a freak situation and it was not preventable. The vet said his death would have been very quick. The rest of the herd are fit and healthy but a bit subdued which is normal after the loss of a herd member.

Toby was a wonderful, trustworthy and calm member of the Ravelrig RDA team. We can all picture him usually a bit muddy or having a snooze. Here he is, looking very handsome, in a display before HRH Princess Anne – doesn’t he look smart?

Thank you to the transport company, Dick Vet and volunteers who have helped Ravelrig RDA at this time.




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