Shushhhhh! We’re working

Last week, a lovely group of volunteers from Schuh’s head office in Livingston came to Ravelrig to help out for the day.  They all worked so hard building, painting and sorting to keep warm on what was a cold day.

Some of the group built a shed that we had bought with a grant received from the Currie Balerno Rotary.  The shed came flat packed and needed to sit on a strong, flat surface, so they started by laying a base of paving slabs that it could sit on.  They then built it and made it secure and water tight with a felted roof.  The shed is going to be used for storage, something that is in short supply here at Ravelrig.  Once it has been painted we will start using it.

Barbara and another group of people set to sorting and tidying out the barn.  We hadn’t been able to see the floor for a few weeks, so it’s tidy again and we’ll make sure it stays that way!

While this was all going on a few of the volunteers worked with the Wednesday riders and saw exactly what Ravelrig RDA is all about.  They helped with the lessons by getting the horses all ready and working in the school.  Once the day’s lessons were over and the horses all out with their hay, the Schuh volunteers set to painting the stables.  So now Tonto and Paco have super clean, sparkling stables.

Thank you again for all your hard work and good humour!


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