Snow, snow go away!

This year, like the infamous winter of 2010 has been rather white and cold.   We can cope with a few flurries of the white stuff, but at the end of February and beginning of March it was more than just a flurry.

Snowing solidly for 2 days, LRT cancelling its bus services, airports on standstill and snow men and women popping up all over the place.

As Ravelrig RDA is high up in Balerno we got our fair share of the snow.  It’s beautiful looking over the Pentland Hills, but with it being so open to the elements it is hard work coping with the snow and wind.

The horses managed to shelter and they all had their winter coats on.  The volunteers who managed to get out to attend to them twice a day worked hard and often had to walk here as the access roads and indeed our car park was inaccessible.

We are grateful to all our Saturday volunteers who pulled together with spades and snow shovels and finally got the car park clear enough to let some cars in.

We’re now looking forward to a bit of sun and spring!


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