Hartpury – RDA National Championships

It was the RDA National Championships two weeks ago at Hartpury, Gloucester and one of our riders Dianne Alan represented Ravelrig RDA, riding Domino from the Borders RDA group.

Dianne kindly wrote the following about the wonderful experience she had at the event.

“Recently I was privileged to be able to travel down to Hartpury college where the RDA National Championships are held.  The event includes Dressage in which I was competing and also show jumping ,driving, and other events.  It  is said to be one of the biggest of this type of competition in the world.  A friend traveled with me  and she found the competition completely inspiring and loved every minute, as did I.  There is a friendship and working together that is not often found in main line equestrian events.

I  had qualified several times in the past  but had been unable to go which made this trip even more special.

For anyone in the future in the position of qualifying and being able to go I would recommend it but would say that you have to look at the situation in context with your own health issue.

In closing, I would like to thank Barbara and her team for all the work they put in, my friend Jill for coming with me and the Borders RDA for the use of their brilliant pony Domino, all helping to make this dream become a reality.


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RDA National Championships Hartpury

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