Donating for FREE!

Did you know you can donate to Ravelrig without actually spending any money?

With you can shop through them with all the major stores and websites and each time you buy something THEY donate a percentage of your purchases to US!

As of last week with all your shopping you have managed to raise just over £500 for Ravelrig RDA.

It’s so easy to do…

  1. register on
  2. select Ravelrig RDA as your charity
  3. everytime you shop on line go to and select the online store you want
  4. buy a new top, holiday, boat, shed, armadillo…..
  5. Ravelrig RDA receives money!
  6. YIPPEEE,  pennies make pounds = make Ravelrig horses happy!
Fundraising select Ravelrig RDA as your charity

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