Car Boot Sale July

Thank you to everyone who came along to our first Car Boot Sale for 2022, on 17 July.  It was a great day and by the end of it all we had raised £850.00 net profit – which was amazing.

Thank you to our 19 car owners and 1 horse box owner and the stall holders that came along.  In addition I would like to extend our thanks to the following Companies and individuals, who either donated items or their time to the success of the event.

Thank you to David Johnson and his team at Aldi Store, Oxgangs, for the delicious burgers – enjoyed by all.

Anne and her team at Tescos, Colinton for Tombola items that were much appreciated and the same to Shona and her team at Scotmid, Currie


The registration process is open again now for our final Car Boot Sale which is on 4 September 2022.  Please contact Debs at Ravelrig RDA….. all the funds raised go directly to the Stables to cover the expenses of the Ravelrig horses


Many thanks again,

Thumper, Teemo, Flynn, Tonto, Oreo, & our new boy Jack.66666666

Say it with a card

It’s always lovely to receive a card in the post, it is certainly an improvement on a bill or bank statement.

Communication these days is done mostly by text, email or Facebook. Cards and good old fashioned letters are a rare sight to see on your door mat. We are a listed charity on the card website and benefit every time you buy a card, so everyone is a winner.

Make sure you remember to send a friend or family a birthday card, a get well card, a thank you card or just a hi, how you doing card, it really can make someone’s day.

Go on, send someone a card today


We recently posted a couple of pictures on our Facebook page of two of our wonderful volunteers accepting awards in 2014.

Chris won the RDA Regional Volunteer of the Year 2014, here he is accepting it from Princess Anne, who is the President of RDA.

Chris, Lynda & The Princess Anne

That year Cara won the Sportscotland Young Coach of the Year.

Lynda, Cara & Barbara

Both Chris and Cara are still valued members of the team of volunteers at Ravelrig RDA.

Ravelrig Volunteer Facts
We have just over 130 volunteers
62% of the volunteers are under 25 years of age
Our oldest volunteer is 75 years old
There are 11 volunteer coaches
A volunteer works approximately 220 hours a year at Ravelrig

Did you know we have just over 130 volunteers?

Save a penny

They really do add up to make pounds and pounds. We recently received two full money boxes from one of our lovely supporters and we counted over £16.

Just imagine if everyone saved their pennies, how many pounds we could collect

If you would like a collection box please let Katie in the office know or pick one up next time you are at Ravelrig.

Ravelrig collection boxes


We like to keep a tidy yard, office and club room at Ravelrig, not sparkling because let’s be honest, there’s too much mud and hay for that to be possible. However, Harris was giving us a helping hand or tongue today and giving the window in the office a good clean.

Not sure I will ask him to do anymore though.

When I’m cleaning windows


You probably already know you can adopt one of the Ravelrig ponies for as little as £30 a year, but did you know you can also sponsor them?

It costs just over £2,000 a year to look after each horse, this covers feed, shoeing, bedding, vet bills, tack and anything else that is required. With eight ponies it costs us over £16,000 a year.

Do you work for an organisation that is looking to invest in a local charity?

Benefits for you or your business

  • Pony sponsorship can generate substantial publicity for a relatively small investment
  • You will be recognised as actively supporting the community that supports you.
  • There will be extensive positive exposure to other Ravelrig supporters (potential customers)
  • Your business will be seen as possessing a high level of corporate and social responsibility.
  • Customers will see that you care about supporting a local worthy cause.

You have a number of different options to choose from and with each your company logo and details will be displayed on our website, stables and social media.

  • £2,000  Full
  • £1,000 Part (Feed)
  • £500  Part (Shoeing)
  • £400  Part (Saddlery & Rugs)
  • £300  Part (Veterinary)
  • £100 Part (General care)

You can download a form by clicking below or if you would like more information please click here or give us a call on 0131 449 7994.

Our eight ponies with some of our volunteers