Adopt a Horse

Why not become a part of the extended Ravelrig team and adopt one of our fantastic horses or ponies?

For just £30 you will receive the following items:-

  • An invitation to come and ride on your adopted horse around the time of your birthday *
  • Adoption certificate with a photo of your adopted horse or pony
  • Fact sheet all about your adopted horse or pony
  • A Christmas and birthday card from your adopted horse or pony

Only £30 for your 12 month adoption.

Beach ride
Adopt one of the Ravelrig ponies

Remember, every penny we make on horse adoptions helps us maximise the benefits we provide to our riders, horses and volunteers.

*If staff at Ravelrig RDA feel the horse that has been adopted is too big (or small!) for the rider, we will arrange for a more suitable horse

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