Contributing to Ravelrig

Ravelrig RDA is run solely by volunteers and is dependent upon its own fundraising efforts and donations from riders, parents and from within the local community.   The annual running costs now amount to over £70,000 – that is around £700 per rider per year. It would not be possible to provide riding therapy at Ravelrig without your continued help and support for fundraising activities throughout the year. You may also wish to donate financially to Ravelrig RDA by setting up a regular monthly standing order – if so, please complete the Standing Order Form.

Typical annual costs include:-

  • £5,700 for farriers – each horse requires shod around six or seven times a year at a cost of £60 per time.
  • £6,000 was spent on horse feed and bedding – a bale of haylage costs £35, and we use four bales a week right through from mid-October until there is sufficient growth in the grass paddocks in late spring. The rest is spent on pony nuts and chaff.
  • £5,500 was spent on veterinary fees – this includes vaccinations, teeth cleaning costs, emergency and non-emergency call out costs and some nights as an in-patient at the Dick Vet.
  • £3,500 was spent on insurance – including insurance for our vehicles and equipment, our premises and third party liability.
  • £7,000 was spent on heat, light and property maintenance – we benefit from the many work parties who donate their labour and do a lot of work maintaining our grounds and buildings at minimal cost to us.
  • £1,500 was spent on saddlery and horse tack – we are cautious with what we spend, often taking advantage of donated items such as horse rugs.
  • £3,500 was spent on vehicle expenses – this includes fuel, servicing and repairs.
  • £2,000 was spent on professional fees – this is for an independent examiner’s report by a firm of accountants as we are legally obliged to obtain.

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