Buddie is a 15 hands and is our oldest pony born in 2001 and has been with us since 2008 and is very much part of the back bone of the group.

He is a real confidence giver to our more inexperienced riders and they are devastated when they become too big to ride him.

Buddie has age related arthritis in his legs, which was successfully treated with steroid injections into the joints three years ago.  Recently he is showing signs of lameness after standing for a while and the vet has been called to assess the situation, with a view to re-injecting – hopefully with the remarkable results seen last time.

Buddie is a real gentleman and has excellent stable manners, and loves a good pamper whenever he can get it.

Buddie has been adopted by

  • 213th City of Edinburgh Brownie Pack
  • Irene Lindsay
  • James Loftus
  • Erin Pass

Would you like to adopt Buddie? Click here to download an application form.  Find out what is involved in adoption here.

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