Buddie is the second longest serving member of the herd and has been doing a great job at Ravelrig for over 10 years.

Buddie is happy to have side walkers either side and works nicely at whatever he is asked to do, either in the arena or out on his regular walks around the woods.  He has the ability to adapt to the riders’ needs from very vulnerable children, to very able volunteers, making him a firm favourite with everyone.

Buddie had started to slow down due to some arthritus, but steroid injections have helped to eliminate the symptoms and has given Buddie a new lease of life.

Over the last year he has been having fun and giving some volunteers the chance to advance their riding skills, helping some adult beginners learn to ride and some others work on the challenges of a jump course.  Buddie has loved this extra dimension to his work and it all helps to keep him healthy and stimulated.  This goes to show, you are never too old to learn something new, whether you are an RDA horse or an elderly volunteer!

Buddie is a star and a VIP (very important pony)

Born: 2001

Height: 14.3hh

Arrived at Ravelrig: 2008

Buddie has been adopted by

  • Dorothy Walker
  • Irene Lindsay
  • Aria Davidson
  • Kate Gibbons
  • Ann Proudfoot

Would you like to adopt Buddie?

You can Click here to download an application form, or visit our shop.  It’s just £30 a year. Find out what is involved in adoption here.

If you would prefer to make a larger donation and sponsor Buddie click here for more information.

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