Since arriving at Ravelrig in 2015 Flynn has matured both emotionally and physically.  He is a much taller horse than he was when he first arrived!  This has resulted in him showing the potential to be a reliable RDA pony.

He is a huge favourite with everyone and is now taking an active part in lessons with our youngsters.  He is also ridden by various volunteers and looks happy and focused on what he is asked of him in the lessons.

Flynn is quick to learn and has a very genuine wish to please.  He has a quiet, biddable and friendly nature.  Once in a while he does like to show the cheeky side of his personality.

On arrival he was a little dominated by the other horses, however he has more than established himself and now ranks 3rd in the “pecking order”

Flynn is currently being introduced to farrier training.  Since he arrived it was obvious that he was afraid of farrier smells, sounds and equipment.  Even horses are scared of some things!.  He has shown great progress in the training.  We are working towards gaining his trust and getting him to overcome his fear.

Born: 2012

Height: 15.2hh

Arrived at Ravelrig: 2015

Flynn has been kindly sponsored by The Algrade Trust

Flynn has been adopted by

  • Linda Bibby
  • Lynda Milne

Would you like to adopt Flynn?

You can Click here to download an application form, or visit our shop.  It’s just £30 a year. Find out what is involved in adoption here.

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