Oreo is a 14.2 hands 8 year old pretty black pony.  Oreo arrived with us at Ravelrig in 2017 and being the newest addition to the herd it has taken him a little while to settle in and be accepted by the other horses.  He has formed a close bond with Teemo, who is never very far away from him.

He is also getting to know the volunteers and riders as he begins his RDA career with us at Ravelrig.

In our opinion RDA work is the hardest discipline for any horse – it can be slow, heavy, tiring work – and for this reason the volunteers are encouraged to school under professional instruction and hack out to stimulate and give some variety to our equine friends.  Oreo enjoys both the school riding and hacking out.

Oreo has been adopted by

  • Caroline Skinner
  • Kate Hofmann

Would you like to adopt Oreo? Click here to download an application form.  Find out what is involved in adoption here.

If you would prefer to donate more and sponsor Oreo click here for more information.


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