Teemo was bought to replace the lovely Red, a hard act to follow,  but he is shaping up nicely and we have every confidence that he will fill big shoes – and his shoes were really big!

Teemo was bought as a five year old and we realised immediately that he was very green but there was nothing to dislike, and if we turned him down we could lose out on a very nice honest horse. He was vetted and the vet commented “I really like this one” which was very reassuring for us. He joined the rest of the herd without incident, is probably equal to Thumper at the top of the pecking order, and is dominant, but never physically aggressive to his friends.

At 17.2 he is really too big for our stables but he lowers his head to get in and has learned not to throw his head up when standing at the door, and allows volunteers in and moves over to give them space.

Teemo has embraced his RDA work completely and has never given cause for concern; on occasions he would prefer not to take the lead, but it is no big deal, another pony takes over and the occasions when he is hesitant are becoming less and less.

However, he does have personality and can be a cheeky chappie, especially towards his able bodied riders. At the first sign of him trying to push our buttons we brought in professional help which is on-going and he is having a ball – he obviously is enjoying every moment of his schooling sessions. Initially he looked like a Daddy Long Legs running round the arena but he is now more confident and balanced, and yes, the word elegant springs to mind and he tries so hard to please.

Teemo has been adopted by

  • 41st Guide Unit
  • Craig Heatly
  • Georgina Reid
  • Jamie Pass

Would you like to adopt Teemo? Click here to download an application form.  Find out more about adoption here.

If you would prefer to donate more and sponsor Teemo, click here for more information.




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