Teemo is one of the biggest members of the Ravelrig herd and is second in the pecking order, after Thumper.  He is a peacekeeper and looks after his smaller friends.

Teemo is very strong and we can put his size to good use as it enables us to have bigger or taller riders comfortably sit on him.  His build also allows him to be used as a weight carrier.  He is very patient with all his riders.

Teemo arrived as a young, inexperienced horse and since then has made some astounding progress during professional lessons, which have helped bring him on a huge amount.

He enjoys his extracurricular activity with one of our volunteers and is an enthusiastic learner and have proven he is quite the jumper.

The “gentle giant” of the herd, Teemo has a calm, sensible nature and has eagerly embarked on his journey to becoming an excellent RDA horse.

Born: 2011

Heigh: 17.0hh

Arrived at Ravelrig: 2016

Teemo has been adopted by

  • 41st Guide Unit
  • Victor McLaggan
  • Craig Heatly

Would you like to adopt Teemo?

You can Click here to download an application form, or visit our shop.  It’s just £30 a year. Find out what is involved in adoption here.

If you would prefer to donate more and sponsor Teemo, click here for more information.

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