Thumper is a 16.3 hh Irish Draught X born in Ireland in 2006.

Gentle giant Thumper arrived at Ravelrig in February 2015 and quickly settled in as leader of the herd.

At first glance he doesn’t look like a Thumper, but when he was turned out in the field for the first time at Ravelrig, we understood how he got his name – he likes to jump off the ground like a huge grey rabbit.

Thumper would never dream of doing anything so acrobatic when he’s working of course – he is an incredibly dependable Ravelrig RDA horse, nothing bothers him and he is a real favourite with everyone.

Emma Allan and her family kindly sponsor Thumper

Thumper has been adopted by

  • Shielmill Family
  • St Giles Trefoil Guild
  • Rory Johnson
  • Sophie Rose McLeod

Would you like to adopt Thumper? Click here to download an application form.  Find out what is involved in adoption here.

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