Tonto has been with Ravelrig since he was a yearling, having been bought by Barbara at the Appleby Horse Fair.

Tonto is currently the smallest pony at Ravelrig.  He is a beautiful pony, with his long flowing mane and feathers, short neck and perky ears.  In the winter months he sports the most magnificent moustache.

Tonto's moustache

Tonto’s impressive moustache

Tonto is brilliant at his job as an RDA pony.  He is unfazed by lots of volunteers around him when his rider needs assistance.  For riders learning to be more independent he is responsive to their riding aides.

Tonto is also a joy in the stable yard, where he can be trusted to teach children about grooming and Pony Care.  His smaller size also makes learning to tack up a bit easier for beginners.

Tonto works very hard at his job as an RDA pony, so it is lovely to see him off duty, when he gets a chance to show that he can be a cheeky little pony and a fast one too.

Born: 2008

Height: 13.2hh

Arrived at Ravelrig: 2009

Tonto has been kindly sponsored by the pupils of Firrhill High School

Tonto has been adopted by

  • Mollie White
  • Shirley Henderson
  • Glenn Petrie
  • Victor McLaggan
  • Ruaridh Gilchrist

Would you like to adopt Tonto?

You can Click here to download an application form, or visit our shop.  It’s just £30 a year. Find out what is involved in adoption here.

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