Moustache Mayhem

With the horses being up on the hard surface for the colder winter months they haven’t been grazing in the fields and with that Tonto has managed to grow quite an impressive moustache to keep his top lip nice and cosy.

He said he was thinking of entering it into a competition for the World’s most Impressive Moustache and to be honest we think he might do rather well.

What do you think?



Keeping Active

Winter has certainly dragged on this year, but we are not letting it get us down at Ravelrig.  We had a visit at the end of March from the Multiple Sclerosis Society, who are running a project called MSS Active Together to help build motivation and confidence for those affected by MS to get more physically active.

There were six riders who joined us, with Thumper and Teemo helping show them the ropes.  Some of them had never ridden before, so it was lovely to see smiles and laughter from everyone involved.

Tracey from the MS Society said “The session could not have been any better, we were very thankful and appreciative of the support received from your marvellous team of volunteers”

We hope to welcome the six to regular lessons here at Ravelrig.

10km for Ravelrig

Ravelrig RDA is excited to announce we have another supporter running the streets of Edinburgh to raise money for us.  Gillian Hogarth is running the 10km at the end of May for us and is aiming to raise £250.

Gillian’s daughter Anna has been volunteering with us at Ravelrig for over 2 years and is now training to be a Coach.  Hearing what we do through Anna, Gillian has decided to support us with her run.

As Gillian says “Anna has seen first hand both the physical and emotional benefits that the horses have on the riders”.

Why not pop over to Gillian’s Just Giving page and support her on this journey, I know how hard it is to train for these events, especially through the cold days, so we are so grateful to Gillian.


10km run Edinburgh for Ravelrig



Shushhhhh! We’re working

Last week, a lovely group of volunteers from Schuh’s head office in Livingston came to Ravelrig to help out for the day.  They all worked so hard building, painting and sorting to keep warm on what was a cold day.

Some of the group built a shed that we had bought with a grant received from the Currie Balerno Rotary.  The shed came flat packed and needed to sit on a strong, flat surface, so they started by laying a base of paving slabs that it could sit on.  They then built it and made it secure and water tight with a felted roof.  The shed is going to be used for storage, something that is in short supply here at Ravelrig.  Once it has been painted we will start using it.

Barbara and another group of people set to sorting and tidying out the barn.  We hadn’t been able to see the floor for a few weeks, so it’s tidy again and we’ll make sure it stays that way!

While this was all going on a few of the volunteers worked with the Wednesday riders and saw exactly what Ravelrig RDA is all about.  They helped with the lessons by getting the horses all ready and working in the school.  Once the day’s lessons were over and the horses all out with their hay, the Schuh volunteers set to painting the stables.  So now Tonto and Paco have super clean, sparkling stables.

Thank you again for all your hard work and good humour!


Snow, snow go away!

This year, like the infamous winter of 2010 has been rather white and cold.   We can cope with a few flurries of the white stuff, but at the end of February and beginning of March it was more than just a flurry.

Snowing solidly for 2 days, LRT cancelling its bus services, airports on standstill and snow men and women popping up all over the place.

As Ravelrig RDA is high up in Balerno we got our fair share of the snow.  It’s beautiful looking over the Pentland Hills, but with it being so open to the elements it is hard work coping with the snow and wind.

The horses managed to shelter and they all had their winter coats on.  The volunteers who managed to get out to attend to them twice a day worked hard and often had to walk here as the access roads and indeed our car park was inaccessible.

We are grateful to all our Saturday volunteers who pulled together with spades and snow shovels and finally got the car park clear enough to let some cars in.

We’re now looking forward to a bit of sun and spring!


Annual Health Check

Tess from Dick Vets arrived at Ravelrig yesterday to give each of our horses their annual health check.  Tess had a good look at each of the horses in their stable to begin with, checking their eyes, heart and bones.

After Tess had given them a good look at in the stable, each of them were led out by Barbara and walked up and down the yard.  From doing this Tess was able to have a good look at each of them and how they walked to make sure they were not lame or looked like they were holding themselves differently.

Then, much to Barbara’s delight they each had to trot, so Barbara must have run at least a mile yesterday with all of the horses.

Each of the horses were given a clean bill of health and Tess was really pleased with them.

Thank you Tess!


Walkin’ wi’ yer kilt!

We are always looking for new ways to raise money for Ravelrig RDA and over the years a number of volunteers and friends of Ravelrig have taken part in outside events like the Edinburgh or London Marathons, bike rides and sponsored walks.

Katie Allan is currently in training for the Edinburgh Half Marathon and has set up a Just Giving page Ravelrig.  Click here to read more about Katie’s challenge.

There is an exciting event coming up on 16th September in Edinburgh called The Kilt Walk.   It is also running events in Glasgow,  Aberdeen and Dundee throughout the year.

The Kilt Walk is a great event and one of our volunteers Martha took part in the Glasgow event last year and had a great time.   All you have to do is register on their website, choose which city you want to take part in, choose which distance you want to walk, either 26, 13 or 6 miles and get searching for your tartan, training shoes and sponsors.  You’ll need the Charity number for Ravelrig RDA to start raising money for us and we will receive 140% of your sponsorship.

Here’s some links and information for you if you would like to take part.  If you have any questions please let us know on 0131 449 7994 or

  • The Kilt Walk website:
  • Ravelrig RDA Charity Number:  SC028670



Coop Membership

We have just received our first payment from the Coop Local Community Fund

There is still time to become a member at the Coop in Corslet Place and support Ravelrig as we are one of their charities that will benefit until October 2018.

For EVERY Coop branded item you purchase YOU will receive 5% of the value back and 1% will come to Ravelrig Riding for the Disabled.

Whenever you buy Coop branded products like milk, bread, cakes, cheese or use their electricity, insurance or legal services you will not only benefit but so will Ravelrig.

It is incredibly easy to become a Coop Member just click here  and it’s just £1 to join.

Once you have paid your £1 you are then asked on screen which of the three charities you would like to support, click on Ravelrig and that’s you done.

They will then send your card in the post.

If you do not live within 15 miles of the Corslet Place Coop Ravelrig will not be come up as a charity to support so with the Coop’s agreement if can put Ravelrig as your address and just select email correspondence.  Your card will come to Ravelrig and you can pick it up or we can post it out to you.

It’s a great and simple way to donate to Ravelrig without doing anything so please pop along to the shop or go online and sign up now!