Advantages of horse riding

Horse riding is a unique form of exercise and rehabilitation. The complex movement of the horse helps to improve co-ordination, balance, muscular development and fitness.

Horse riding and horse related activities assist greatly and often dramatically in the development of personal confidence, self esteem, communication skills, leadership and trust.

For those with challenging behaviour, horses offer a powerful medium for restoring a sense of personal control, which significantly improves relationships with family, teachers and friends.

Ravelrig provides the opportunity for 95 regular riders to ride each week. During term time riders from two special schools ride on a Wednesday morning. Saturday morning and Monday and Thursday evenings are allocated to riders from the local community.

A waiting list for riders exists, but such is the demand, this waiting list has been closed meantime.

Lesson aims and how they are achieved

 The main aim of the lessons are for the riders to enjoy themselves, but also to learn new skills, socialise and make new friends. 

The specific lesson aims for each rider are different, for some building confidence is important, for others, especially the more able-bodied, to learn to ride correctly is more of a priority.

For the physically disabled, the lessons can provide excellent physiotherapy, helping to improve balance, co-ordination and muscle strength.

The Instructor can achieve this in many ways, allocating an appropriate horse helps riders learn new skills and stretching exercises improve balance, give confidence and assist in learning parts of the horse and tack. Schooling exercises, such as changing the direction of the horse, teach control of the horse and give a sense of achievement.

 Games are an enjoyable and fun way to practice old and new skills as well as promoting team building and interaction between riders and helpers.

Riding in the Ravelrig grounds provides a stimulating environment in which the riders can use the skills they have been taught in the school.

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