Rider Experience

Tommy and Jake Main’s Riding Experience

Tommy and Jake Main have been riding at Ravelrig RDA on Thursday nights for a few years now, so long that it has become part of their life and routine.

Tommy was very nervous when he first started riding, but with the encouragement of Joan and the other volunteers it is now the highlight of his life.  He has to visit all the horses before and after the lesson in the stables and field, to speak to them individually and stroke them.   Tommy is far more relaxed around animals than people, but at Ravelrig we are all part of a community so he trusts the people there as part of the experience of being with the animals, including the cats in the shed.

Jake loves it when he rides fast saying it is ‘Awesome!’ and when he is tired the movement of the horse relaxes him and helps him to sleep when he gets home.  Dad Davie and Mum Julia enjoy having a chat to the other parents and carers while the boys are riding which gives them respite and the chance to speak to others in similar situations.

The whole family love Ravelrig!

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